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International Academy of Arts

International Academy of Art has built in Saint Petersburg and a member of Education Ministry of Russia, this academy is directed and operated with a group of professional and popular Russian artists in different courses and fields.
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Interior Architecture & Design

International Academy of Art  is where you can get an edge in building a successful interior design career. We are known as one of the top interior design schools because the most respected professionals train our students.
Look around where you’re sitting. Notice what you’re sitting on. You’re living in a world of interior ·architecture and design. It’s everywhere. In our program, you’ll learn furniture design, · ergonomics, the psychology of color and lighting · and computer programs in architecture. You have to have the eye of a graphic designer, · the skills of an illustrator, the ingenuity of an industrial designer, the passion of a photographer, the style of a fashion designer and the soul of a fine artist. You’ll become the Jack or Jill of all trades to create inspiring environments for people to live in, work in and admire. And when you leave, you’ll possess a portfolio that says this Jack or Jill knows what he or she is doing. This is a serious professional program for the serious professional designer. It is not a program that is only conceptual and theoretical like most programs in architecture and design. Our curriculum is practical, teaching not just aesthetics, but application and business. Our curriculum allows students to learn and benefit from graphic arts and other allied art and design courses.

Career paths

Design Firm
(Certified Int. Designer)
Architects, Senior Interior Designers
(Certified Int. Designer)
Project Manager, Designers (CID),
Construction Manager
Job Captains
Renders, Modelmaking, Presentation
Drafters, BIM, CAD
International Corporate
Senior VP Global Design
(Certified Interior Designer)
VP Design (Regional) (CID)
Senior Designers (CID)
Project Manager, Designers, Architects
Job Captains
Drafters, BIM, CAD

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Distance Learning Education

If you are so far from us, there is no obstacle for getting a art degree because you can use of our distance learning system for graduation in one of 11 art majors.
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