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International Academy of Arts

International Academy of Art has built in Saint Petersburg and a member of Education Ministry of Russia, this academy is directed and operated with a group of professional and popular Russian artists in different courses and fields.
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Whether you are interested in a traditional or digital photography school, we help train your artistic eye as you master the camera. Our photography classes will help you develop an individual style and leave with an amazing portfolio that will prepare you to be the next top photographer. Earn your accredited degree in St. Petersburg. 
Great photographers interpret life in less than a split second. They see the world as it would be if everyone could conceptualize. At the International Academy of Art, we will be sure to teach you the technical stuff. But f-stops and shutter speeds are not the stuff of greatness. Finding the magnificent in the mundane and developing your own unique style, that’s what the training here is about.
No matter what path you choose – Documentary, Advertising, Fashion or Fine Art Photography – you’ll have a portfolio that truly captures the conceptual thinker behind the lens.

Career paths

Museum, Gallery Showings, Assignment/Commission Work, Book Publishing, University Teaching, Museum Curator, Self- Publishing, Consulting, Fine Art Printing, College Teaching, Industry Manufacturing/Sales Job, Stock Photography, High End Retouching, Compositing Digital Montage Work, Teaching, or Consulting On- Set Digital Tech, Lower End Retouching, Medical/Scientific Photography, Lab Technician, Basic Retouching, Magazine/Newspaper Photography, Special Assigned Projects Editorial, Photographic Reporting, Teaching, Consulting, Self Publishing, Stock Photography,Non-profits, Event Photography, Manufacturing/ Sales Jobs, Neighborhood Newspaper, Photo Illustrator Assignment Work, High End Wedding/Portraits, Stock Photography, Photo Buyer, Assignment Work, High End Catalog, Photo Editor, Location Scout, Producer, Stylist, Studio Manager, Teaching, Consulting, Local Wedding/Portraits, Assignment Work, 2nd Shooter, 1st Assistant, Pet Photography, In-house or Event Photography, Forensic Photography, Medical/Scientific Photography, Catalog House, Lower Level Assignment Work, 2nd Assistant, Camera Store/Rental House Clerk, School/Portrait Photography, Mall Portrait Photography, Paparazzi, One-Hour Labs, Low Ball Assignment Work,3rd Assistant, Real Estate Photography, Art/Craft Shows, Local Showings, High School Teaching, Jr. High Teaching, Workshops.  

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Cultural and Humanitarian Programs

For more information and donate to our cultural and humanitarian programs please click here!


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Distance Learning Education

If you are so far from us, there is no obstacle for getting a art degree because you can use of our distance learning system for graduation in one of 11 art majors.
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